Mboxcheck description

Mboxcheck is a GNOME2 applet which check mails arrive in your mboxes. It uses python and its gnome binding.


  • 2003-10-05 :

    0.3: Support for unread/total mails.

  • 2003-09-29 :

    0.2: Bug fixes, support of unread mails for evolution. (09-30: fix the evolution code).

  • 2003-07-30 :

    0.1: first public release.


I've developed Mboxcheck to have an applet which checks many mboxes and highlight some indicators.

Mboxcheck features:

  • Choose the indicator's types : text or pixmap.
  • Have one or several boxes for each indicator.
  • Turn on/off tooltips on the indicators.
  • Customize the tooltips: indicator's name, number of mails, boxes checked by the indicator.
  • Run a program on mail arrive, or when applet is clicked.


Some screenshots of the Mboxcheck applet :

4 indicators: 2 texts, 2 pixmaps.

A tooltip on an indicator.

Configuration: page 1.

Configuration: page 2.

Configuration: page 3.



Debian package:    

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